Le Stagioni
in Campagna

Client: Maria Addari
Services: branding, web design
Year: 2017

Corporate image design and custom web design

Corporate image design and custom web design for Le Stagioni in Campagna, a farm school in Gergei, a small village in the interior of Sardinia (Italy).

The corporate image design has been developed for a target audience ranging from 5 to 13 years old. In the farm school, different workshops are carried out depending on the season of the year, hence the name of the school. The corporate identity has been developed based on this concept, using the sun as the central element, as it is thanks to the sun that the climate changes throughout the year and regulates life in the countryside. The sun has been represented with a childish stroke to get closer to the target audience.

The corporate image design consists of: letterhead design, envelope design and business card design. The rules of application of the corporate image are indicated in the corporate identity manual.

Design of didactic posters to improve the learning of the farm school’s guests

Custom web design on WordPress platform

The website of the farm school Le Stagioni in Campagna is a bespoke web design that follows the standards indicated in the corporate identity manual.

The website, developed on WordPress, is composed of the homepage, La Fattoria where the company is explained, Le Attività where the possible workshops are explained and finally the Contact page.

The website is developed on WordPress platform, so it is possible to modify its content easily, and it is possible to implement new functionalities with content costs.

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