Marien Morata Roig

Client: Marien Morata Roig Dental Clinic
Services: graphic design, branding, web design
Year: 2016-2019

Communication campaign, corporate stationery design, brand design and web design

The Dental Clinic Marien Morata Roig is located in the centre of the city of Valencia (Spain) and specializes in aesthetic dentistry.

For several years, they have trusted me to carry out different projects. These are the projects I have done in recent years: communication campaign consisting of brochure design and roll up design, corporate stationery design, which has been more of a restyling, brand design for the communication campaign of the 20th anniversary of the clinic and web design and development for their new website.

Corporate stationery design for a dental clinic in Valencia

Among the different projects I have done for the dental clinic Marien Morata Roig is the design of the corporate stationery, or restyling, as they have made some small tweaks to the design of the corporate stationery they already had.

The project consists of business card design, envelope design and letterhead design.

Communication campaign 20th anniversary of the aesthetic dental clinic

In 2016, the aesthetic dental clinic Marien Morata Roig celebrated its 20th anniversary and wanted to celebrate it with a communication campaign. I was commissioned to design the brand and different pieces.

The first step was the 20th anniversary brand design that was used for the different supports. They wanted to give a small gift to the clinic’s patients in the form of a mug, to which a graphic and typographic composition was applied. The same composition was used for the design of the roll up for trade fairs. In addition, the design of some badge pins has been made.

Custom web design for a dental aesthetic clinic

The last project I have done for the dental clinic Marien Morata Roig is the custom web design of their new website.

The web development has been done on WordPress, a platform widely used for its flexibility and for having available many free or paid plugins, which give the possibility to implement new features. In addition, WordPress allows the content of the website to be easily modified thanks to a password-protected administration panel.

A responsive web design has been implemented so that the website can be viewed correctly on different devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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