Nicola Capra Coach

Client: Nicola Capra
Servicies: branding
Year: 2020

Personal trainer brand design and graphic design for social networks and clothing

Creation of the personal brand of Nicola Capra, an endurance sports coach (running, triathlon, etc.) and personal trainer with many years of experience in the sector.

His competitors are other coaches and personal trainers. He distinguishes himself from them by his in-depth study of the subject. His target audience are athletes and people interested in body care and wellness.

This project aims to create a simple brand to be declined in social networks and on clothing.

The guidelines for the implementation of the brand have been drafted in the corporate identity manual.

Logo Nicola Capra Coach
Logo Nicola Capra Coach
Logo Nicola Capra Coach

The concepts to be communicated are: competence, dedication and study

After a careful study of the market and the needs of the project and at the suggestion of the client, a pictogram consisting of an N and an arrow was created.

The N stands for Nicola’s initial and also represents the winding road. The arrow, on the other hand, symbolizes the straight direction, the right path to take by relying on Nicola Capra’s professionalism.

The graphic image has been applied to the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Pagina Facebook Nicola Capra Coach
Pagina Instagram Nicola Capra Coach

One of the points of the briefing was the declination of the logo on the sportswear

Tshirt Nicola Capra Coach

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