Corporate identity

There are several factors that influence a person to choose one product or service over another. Many companies make the mistake of thinking that a customer’s buying process is based solely on the price and features of a particular product or service. However, this is not the case. We are talking, for example, about issues such as brand perception, which is why corporate identity is so important.
For a company to be successful, its brand must be perceived positively by potential customers. The image that the potential public has of the brand and the company will be one of the factors that will have the greatest influence on the sales process.

It is this customer perception that is known as corporate identity. Large companies invest enormous amounts of time and money to generate a good impression of their company and their brand in the consumer. Through this investment they know that they can directly influence the purchasing decisions of their potential customers.

The company’s identity must be well reflected in the logo design, in the brand, the naming or the application to different media, among others. The idea is that, with each of these elements, the values of the company should be transmitted.

Why do we need a good corporate identity?

Although the process of buying and selling seems fairly straightforward, the truth is that companies are, voluntarily and involuntarily, communicating things to the consumer. Likewise, buyers are constantly making judgements about the brands of the products and services they buy.

For this reason it is necessary to design effective strategies that allow your products or services to communicate exactly what you, as a company, want to communicate. As we have seen, there are many factors that must be taken into account in order to generate a good corporate identity. This ranges from the values of the company, through its advertising campaigns, the way the product is presented and the benefit that the customer obtains when acquiring it.

The design of a logo, the name of the product (naming) or the design of the packaging are services that can make your product or service be perceived as superior or better than that of the competition. Remember that image, in the 21st century, has an enormous weight in the perception of potential customers. Take care of your company’s and your brand’s image to connect with the consumer.

Key elements for corporate identity

When creating a corporate identity it is important to consider the following aspects:

Editorial design

Every brand must have a visual identity, and editorial design is essential to project the company’s identity through design elements.


Communication, both internally and externally, is one of the fundamental aspects of being able to convey the message you want to convey to customers through your brand presence.

Packaging design

It is no secret that attractive packaging is essential when presenting a product. A good presentation will help to create a good corporate identity.

Web design

Nowadays, having a good web design is equally or even more important than having a good physical store. The user experience on the website must be optimal in order not to lose potential purchases and potential customers.

Mobile applications

As with the website, mobile applications are of great importance for businesses today. They need to be practical, useful and simple.

Online marketing

It is essential to give the utmost importance to online marketing campaigns in order for your brand to reach your target audience. This is the only way to increase your sales and reach the ideal people to become your customers.

Modelling and rendering

We can also talk about corporate image with modelling and rendering services so that the client can see on paper or in three dimensions realities that have yet to be created.

In corporate identity, you must always bear in mind that there must be total coherence between the message you are trying to convey and what the company’s activities project. Why? Because the client perceives all these inconsistencies, so you have to work so that the image, the discourse and the practice in your day-to-day work go in the same direction. Only with this coherence between image, message and actions will you be able to generate the corporate identity you are looking for to achieve customer loyalty and good recommendations.

How to create a corporate identity?

In order to create the corporate identity of a brand or company, first of all you need to contact a professional designer with proven experience. In my case, I have extensive experience in the design and creation of corporate identities for all types of companies in various sectors.

The first step is to carry out a brainstorming session with the client in which the values, mission and vision of the company are made clear, and an analysis is made of what is to be transmitted through the corporate identity. This teamwork is extremely important in order to establish coherence between what the company transmits and its actions.

After this brainstorming with the client, the designer makes a study of the competition and the sector, and after this thorough analysis in which he obtains all the necessary information, the professional works on an option that he presents to the costumer.

After the presentation and with the contributions of the costumer, work continues to define the definitive corporate identity that fits with the values of the company, with the perception of the potential buyer of the products or services and with the tastes of the costumer. Finally, the corporate image manual is delivered, summarising all the elements that form part of the image of the company for its correct use.

If you need a corporate identity for your company or you want to redesign the one you already have because it does not fit today with the current values of your company, please contact me through this link. I will be happy to help you.